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Holy Bible

God's Word
 By: God

If we desire to know God, then we must turn to His self-disclosure, His revelation to fallen man. In this Book you will find the answers to lifes issues.Read, to your eternal benefit!

Sexual Abuse
Beauty for Ashes
 By: Robert w. KIellemen

Here in these few pages of this booklet is "hope" applied with grace through the Gospel of Christ to those who have been profoundly hurt by others. I have used this booklet in counseling and have found it to be of great help. Thoroughly Biblical! Dave SDG!

The Battle For The Beginning
 By: John MacArthur Jr

All of us at one time or another are confronted by friends or relatives who are seeking answers to lifes origins. Even so-called evangelicals who's theological underpinning is not rooted and grounded in God's Word, muddy the issues.But John MacArthur does a masterful job of taking the first four chapters of Genesis and brings lucid and insightful arguments for creation and the origins of life. I believe that when you begin with the
"presupposition that God has spoken" and you commit to the "historico,grammatico, and literal approach in interpreting Holy Scripture" like John does (as we do too)that you cannot come to any other conclusion, but that God has created and sustains all things to the praise of His glory. You will be well served by reading this book. SDG! Dave  p.s. You will be well served to look at other titles by Dr. John McArthur.

The Holiness of God
 By: R.C.Sproul

This is a book that all believers ought to purchase. It is one of those books that has helped me in my understanding of God's holiness. R.C. Sproul is a gifted communicator and in my opinion, this is, I think, his best work.But on the other hand, his other titles are also helpful.You will do well with checking out all his titles. SDG! Dave.

The King James Version Debate
A Plea for Realism
 By: D.A.Carson

If you are confused on why we have so many English Bible translations or if you question which is the most reliable, then this small book is for you. Written by a biblical scholar, Dr. Carson does yoemen work in clarifying some issues related to translation from the "original languages".You will not be disappointed. Dave   SDG!  p.s. I highly recommend any of Dr. Carsons other titles.