Pastor's Corner 

Do You Know?
1 John 5:19
Do you know for certain that God has done something in your life? Do you know that something of the divine life of God is in us? Are you aware of the "new man/woman" within us, one that is entirely different from the "old man/ woman" that we were from nature? Are you aware that there is something about us which we can only explain in terms of God? Can we say in true humility with the Apostle Paul,
"By the grace of God I am what I am" (I Corinthians 15:10)?

Beloved you must know what your faith in Christ has accomplished and what that faith means. God saved you out of this world to be fruitful as a Christian! Are you? Your loving shepherd thinking out loud. God bless you and may you know this!
Adapted and tweaked by Senior Elder David Aponte 
"Fellowship With God", Studies in 1 John by Dr Martyn Lyodd Jones p9-16